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College football picks
College football picks, predictions by expert professional college football handicapper Bags. Bags has several years in the sports advisory service with Gridiron Gold under the tuteladge of Dennis Stagliano. His goal is to have college football bettors win with his expert ncaa football picks. He's a seasoned handicapper with expert football betting picks and advice, click on the link below for Bags college football picks in a monthly or weekly package. He's also one of the main horse race handicappers for Horse Race Tip Sheets where he loves to do. Growing up in upstate New York, Bags can be found walking the streets of Saratoga almost every day. Stopping at his favorite coffee shop and reading the Daily Racing Form getting ready for the days races at Saratoga Race Track. Get his college football picks now. Bags will email his 3 college football package picks to you weekly.Going to the races? Get our Saratoga Tip Sheet and win.
College football picks
College football picks from our Wisegal handicapper Melissa (aka Missy). Missy starting taking book in High School and began beating bookies before she was at a legal drinking age. She grew up in a NY gambling family with many relatives involved in the "business", capeche? She studied handicapping from one of the best NY handicappers. From a very early age, instead of disecting frogs in Biology class ,she was disecting team defensive and offensive tendencies and stats. Her insight and solid college football picks come with sports betting knowledge derived from decades of experience betting on sports. She likes nothing better than to pickem better than the plethora of so called expert male handicappers, and she has left many embarrassed when she takes their money on a side bet. A true NY wisegal that disseminates solid selections every week. Order Missy's college football picks in a monthly or weekly package. Missy will email her 3 college football package picks to you weekly.
College football picksCollege football picks from aka Silent G. While in high school she was the go to girl for anyone needing a fugasi license. She became a very popular girl. Silent G started betting parlays with a bookie family member at an early age. She soon realized she was donating to her bookie by losing 4 team parlays while hitting a high pct. Lesson learned from her bookie. Soon after, she became very disciplined placing flat bets on games that she figured she had an edge. Back in the 90's she called 800 weather station numbers seeking inclimate weather and banging bookies with over/under bets. She has a high win pct on her over/unders. She gained knowledge from friends who were losing bundles on bad bets and poor money management. She loves winning money, except for one thing, spending money. For years she was dogged by men/woman asking her what's she picking. Now she's going public with her college football picks. Order Silent G's college football picks in a monthly or weekly package. Silent G will email her 3 college football package picks to you weekly. Get her current weeks picks. Go to her weekly college football picks
College football picks
College football picks and predictions by college football analyst Pistol Pete. Pete analyzes college football games against the point spread. His college football picks have a proven methodology learned as a mentor from his bookie grandfather. Pete has a very analytical mind and is a keen numbers guy. He fires out winning college football picks at a high percentage. He puts together streaks of multiple winners very often. His guns were a blazin' when he notched a fantastic 13-1 against the spread one week, and backed that up with a 12-2 against the spread the next week. His expertise earned led him to be a prior winner of Bet Rivers weekly handicapping contests and won $$$$$$$ He offers monthly or weekly package. Don't be left at the train depot when Pistol Pete starts his steaming train down the track. Order Pistol Pets picks and kill your bookie.
He will email his 3 college football package picks to you weekly. You can also get the current weeks pick only. Click to go to his Pistol Pete's weekly college football picks
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